EPC Light App
Designed and illustrated an app to provide consumers with a simple and fun way to understand the energy efficiency of their property and ways to improve it.
Floor Plan App
Designed an app aimed at property surveyors where they can draw the floor plan, record defects, elements’ attributes and do an EPC.
Smart Survey
Conceptualised, designed and developed a framework for energy and mortgage surveys on iOS.
Buy to Let Portal
Conceptualised, designed a portal for brokers to manage customers with Buy to Let portfolio.
Remote Valuation App
Conceptualised and designed an app where surveyors can assess the mortgage valuation of a property without visiting the property and only by accessing maps and property data.
Dakke V2
Designed the next version o Dakke to bring social networking to news readers
Deemed Scores Calculator
Designed and developed a simple website for energy assessors to evaluate the savings and ECO values of different improvements for a property based on ofgem methodology, Deemed Scoring.
Diary Screens
Redesigning diary screen, a place where surveyors can see their itinerary and their agenda.
Redesigned screens where energy surveyors can assess the energy attributes of property, financial situation of owner and calculate the eligible improvements and benefits they can install to the property and provide to the owner.
Customer Portal
Conceptualised and designed a portal where consumer can shop, schedule and customise the improvements they wish to install on their properties.
Scheme Management
Conceptualised and designed a portal for energy suppliers to monitor the progress of installing energy improvements on sites.
Campaign Management
Conceptualised and designed a portal for managing, evaluating and comparing effectiveness of different marketing campaign to install energy efficiency improvements on properties.
Redesigned a platform where energy suppliers will receive and validate installed improvements and send them to ofgem as part of their ECO obligation.
Designed and developed a platform aimed at high attrition industries to facilitate the recruiting process.
Middle East Bank App
Designed the mobile banking app.
Illustrated a backgammon for an iMessage app.
Designed and developed a newsreader app aimed at the emerging markets with low speed Internet, and non-mobile friendly websites.